Photos: Tribal Participation at the Roseburg 150 Celebration

The Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians was recently asked to be a part of the 150th anniversary of the City of Roseburg. The Tribe participated in an event called “Party in the Park” on Sunday, October 2nd in Stewart Park. Staff from Cultural Resources and Education offered cultural and educational activities for families, including beading, Takelma language games, and traditional Native games.

As a prominent community leader, Tribal CEO Michael Rondeau was asked to speak about the history of Cow Creek in the region.

“We have a lot of Tribal families who are related to fur trappers. The Hudson Bay Company encouraged all of their trappers to marry into the Tribes. So that’s where we get many of our surnames like Rondeau, LaChance, Dumont and others with that French influence,” Rondeau told the audience during the speech.

Prior to Rondeau’s speech, Takelma Language Teacher Learner Elizabeth Bryant offered a prayer in Takelma to open the event.

In addition, historical Cow Creek Umpqua photos were also  incorporated into a pathway display in Stewart Park decorated with photos from the past 15 decades, and can be seen in the slideshow below.

The City of Roseburg also created a time capsule for the event that included among other things many Cow Creek Umpqua artifacts, including a traditional-style flint-knapped obsidian blade, a carved deer antler in the shape of a fox, and the most current edition of Wik’uuyam Heeta’, the Cow Creek Tribal newsletter.

An autograph book was also placed inside the time capsule. Rondeau signed the book next to a photo of his family member, John Rondeau, with the inscription: “Representing the earliest inhabitants, we look forward to the continued partnerships in our community.”

The time capsule was buried at the Roseburg City Hall and will be opened in 2072.