UIUC seeks bid for new Water Quality System

The Umpqua Indian Utility Cooperative (UIUC) is requesting that your firm provide a proposal for the construction of the Creekside Development Reservoir #1 Water Quality Hypolimnetic system.

This facility will be located in Canyonville, Oregon on Tribal Land. The following proposal is presented to Brian Boswell of Umpqua Indian Utility Cooperative (UIUC) to provide water quality management (WQM) design specification and requirements for Reservoir #1, a 12-acre water-supply reservoir for UIUC.

Contractor shall install, and put into operation the components of the saturation technology hypolimnetic oxygenation and a diffused air mixing system with chemical feed system to meet the objective as specified. An interface point between the UIUC facilities and contractor piping will be indicated in the drawings.  Contractor shall be responsible for installing all piping downstream of the interface. Contractor shall initially operate system and demonstrate capability to achieve design flow distribution conditions during a performance test with UIUC.

This project is funded federally, therefore Davis-Bacon wages will be required as well as certified payroll reporting. It is important that you understand these processes.

Paul Gantzer with Gantzer Water LLC will work with the awarded company to complete designs, testing and installation as required.

If you have any technical questions regarding this request, please email Brian Boswell at bboswell@cowcreek.com.

Please submit four copies of proposals no later than November 30th, 2021 at 4:00PM to:

Brian Boswell, General Manager

PO Box 406

Canyonville, Oregon 97417