Remodeled Stix Sports Bar Ready to Reopen

*This news article is also featured in the March edition of the Cow Creek Tribal newsletter. Click here to view the current edition, as well as archived editions of the Tribal newsletter (login required)*

Stix Sports Bar, the most popular food outlet at Seven Feathers Casino Resort, has been closed for renovations since Labor Day 2021, but the remodel coming this Spring will be well worth the wait.

“When I first came in to Stix, I didn’t even know there was a back area to the bar,” says Pam Culbertson, Construction Project Manager and Cow Creek Tribal member. “This renovation has opened up and merged the two spaces. It’s a completely new look and feel.” Culbertson has been instrumental to the project, from organizing contractors, to ordering quality kitchen equipment and reshuffling installations when there are shipping delays.

When guests get their first look following the soft opening, targeted for March and April, they may also not recognize the space. Stix hasn’t undergone a major remodel since it was first opened, so the new seating, lighting, and interior design of the outlet should impress and excite visitors.

The project started by gutting the existing space, stripping it down to the concrete foundation. From there, crews have completed one project after another: replacing water lines and refrigeration, installing new beverage lines in the floor, tiling and adding wood details to the wall décor, and even building out a new entrance and waiting area. With a total of 24 televisions, ranging from 50 to 80 inches in width, the bar will be able to show eight sports games at the same time.

The remodel has been a passion project for Seven Feathers management, as well as Andrew McAuley, Director of Property Services Division, since 2017. But since Culbertson was hired last year, he has had an extra set of hands to really implement planning and construction on Stix, while also managing his duties around the casino and the Tribe’s other properties.

“It’s great to have someone of Pam’s caliber here on our team,” says McAuley. “She’s worked on other projects too, like the new Tribal clinic and Anvil Northwest’s new building.”

Even with some delays on materials, Culbertson and McAuley have been able to employ electricians from Umpqua Indian Utility Cooperative, as well as plumbers, painters, and more from local and regional businesses to get the work done in time for the soft opening.