OSU offers in-state tuition to all Tribal students

Oregon State University will soon begin offering in-state tuition to students who are enrolled members of federally recognized Native Tribes, regardless of where they live.

Oregon State University made the announcement in August, and will begin the program for the Fall 2022 term. The program currently applies to students from all 574 federally recognized Tribes across the United States. Both undergraduate and graduate Tribal students are eligible to participate, as well as students enrolled in course work for certifications, or other academic programs.

The cost of In-state tuition when compared to out-of-state tuition is significant. According to OSU’s website, one year of in-state tuition for 15 credits is estimated at $13,191. Tuition for out-of-state students with the same 15-credit course load is estimated to cost $34,983 for one year.

“This new tuition policy advances OSU’s commitment — in the spirit of self-reflection, learning, reconciliation and partnership — that the university will be of enduring benefit to Tribal nations and their citizens throughout Oregon and the country,” said Interim OSU President Becky Johnson in a press release.

Members of Oregon’s nine federally recognized Tribes have an additional program that they are eligible to utilize – the Oregon Tribal Student Grant Program, which provides assistance to Tribal university students to reimburse them for the costs of tuition, room-and-board, books and more.

In order to receive in-state-tuition, OSU requires students to submit proof of their Tribal membership. Details on how to begin can be found on the Oregon State University website.

Both Southern Oregon University and Portland State University will also offer in-state tuition beginning this fall to Native students.