Lands and Resources Team Participates in 47th Annual ITC Symposium

Lands and Resources Officer Jason Robison and Director of Forest Management Tim Vredenburg recently attended the 47th annual Intertribal Timber Council (ITC) Symposium held in Cherokee, North Carolina. This event, hosted by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, brought together around 365 experts,  practitioners, and leaders from various Tribes and organizations to discuss crucial issues surrounding forest management, land conservation, and resource sustainability.

Event Highlights

  • Keynote Speeches: The inspiring keynote speeches shared insights on traditional ecological knowledge, sustainable practices, and the importance of preserving natural resources for future generations.
  • Workshops and Panels: Topics included: climate change adaptation strategies, forest health, wildfire management, and innovative land stewardship techniques.
  • Networking Opportunities: Participants exchanged ideas, best practices, and forged partnerships aimed at enhancing the management of Tribal lands and  resources.
  • Cultural Events: The symposium also celebrated the rich cultural heritage of the Cherokee people. Cultural events, including traditional dances, music, and storytelling sessions, enriched the experience for all attendees.

Team Contributions

  • Moderation and Leadership: Robison moderated a pivotal session on the IFMAT IV findings. IFMAT IV is the fourth independent, congressionally-mandated assessment of Indian forests and forestry. Vredenburg served as a technical advisor on the IMAT IV team, focusing on self-governance and self-determination. The assessment’s findings underscore the need for urgent action on several fronts to maintain and improve Indian forests,
  • Board Re-election and Chairmanship: The Cow Creek Umpqua Tribe (CCBUTI) was re-elected to sit on the ITC board, and Jason Robison will continue his role as ITC Operations Chairman.
  • Recognition for Co-Stewardship: CCBUTI and several other Tribes were recognized for their proactive approach to co-stewardship and collaborations with the Umpqua National Forest.
  • Collaborative Projects: The CCBUTI team initiated discussions on potential collaborative projects with other Tribes and organizations, focusing on areas like sustainable forestry, wildfire management, and other federal legislative efforts.

Looking Ahead

Participation in ITC continues to connect CCBUTI’s Lands and Resources team with new knowledge and strengthen their network within the broader Tribal forestry community.

Land and Resources Officer, Jason Robison (far right), moderates a panel: “Turning Recommendations into Action – IFMAT-IV Implementation & Outreach Strategies” at the ITC Symposium in Cherokee, NC, on May 14, 2024