Self-report COVID positive test results online to OHA

Oregon Health Authority has created a website and a hotline for Oregonians to self-report positive test results from at-home COVID tests.

Self-reporting COVID-19 to OHA is not required by individuals; rather the new website and hotline will act as a tool for public health experts to help quickly identify large clusters of outbreaks and prevent further spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The website to report a COVID infection is:

The hotline to report a COVID infection or ask questions is: 1-866-917-8881; 8AM-6PM Monday-Friday, 10AM-4PM Saturday, closed Sunday

Many of Oregon’s Public Health entities are overwhelmed with COVID caseloads and carrying out effective contract tracing due to exponentially increasing COVID cases in their community. With infections due to the Omicron variant skyrocketing each day, Oregon Health Authority believes the website and hotline will allow them to shift toward identifying outbreaks in community-based locations such as schools, nursing homes, clinics, and infrastructure-based businesses.

Oregon’s local clinics and hospitals send a report daily to the Oregon Health Authority of any COVID test results. Cow Creek Public Health also reports new daily infections; results from all tests administered by CCPH are uploaded directly to OPERA, the State of Oregon Contact Tracing System, which goes to the Oregon Health Authority. In addition, CCPH provides contact tracing for tribal members and patients of the Cow Creek Health & Wellness Center. CCPH says the OHA website and hotline will help their efforts.

“This portal will allow individuals who are testing at home to answer the information needed to self-report,” says Melinda Sprague, Cow Creek Public Health Improvement Manager. “This will help Oregon keep an accurate count of the amount of cases as well as potentially link close contacts.”

You can contact Cow Creek Public Health by calling (541)-677-5535 during weekday business hours.

In addition to CCPH, the following local public health authorities and Tribes recommend their residents and members use local contact information if they have questions or support needs after they test positive for COVID-19: