NAJA Submission for 2023 National Native Media Awards: General Excellence

The Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians submits the following 2022 editions of Wik’uuyàm Heeta’, our Tribal newsletter that has been published every month for nearly 40 years, for consideration in the 2023 National Native Media Awards in the category of General Excellence.

Every month, this publication strives to inform the Cow Creek Tribal citizens of what’s happening within their government, how their Tribal leadership is interacting with the community, critical resources available for the Tribal membership, and how they can become more engaged with their Tribal culture. It is mailed to every Tribal household (less than 2,000), and posted on our website for all Tribal members to read and reference at any time.

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Wik’uuyàm Heeta’, Friend, Away From Here: Volume 32 – 2022

Volume 32, Issue 10 – October 2022
Volume 32, Issue 11 – November 2022
Volume 32, Issue 12 – December 2022


  • Michael Rondeau, CEO
  • Carla Keene, Chairman of Tribal Board of Directors
  • Alicia McAuley, Deputy Director of Tribal Government
  • Lindsay Campman, Communications and Marketing Manager
  • Brick Andreasen, Communications Coordinator