Login Assistance

A Step-By-Step Guide

If you have never made an account on our site before, please follow the “Making a New Account” instructions.
If you have previously made an account on our website, please follow the “Logging In” instructions.
If you have a different question, please see the “Frequently Asked Questions” section below.

Making a New Account

Step 1: On the Login page, click the “Register” link beneath the center box.
Step 2: Fill in all the information boxes (it is important to remember what you have capitalized), answer the security math question to prove you are human (and not a malicious program), and then click the “Register” button at the bottom.
Step 3: Upon clicking “Register,” a verification email is sent to the email address you provided. Go to your email, open the email, and click the link.
(Please Note: If you have a gmail account, the email may have been sent to your spam folder)
Step 4: Once you have verified your email, the Communications Coordinator will be notified, and will check to see if your name is on the Tribal Roll within one business day. If it is, you will be authorized to access the Tribal side of the website.

Logging In

On the Login page, Enter your username or email in the top box, and your password in the bottom box, then click the maroon “Log In” button. Checking the “Remember Me” box will allow you to remain logged in after leaving the site.
Please Note: Your username and password are case-sensitive, so make sure you have capitalized the correct letters!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’ve been locked out! What do I do?
A: The lockout is a security feature that prevents spam-bots from overloading our servers with repeated logins. It triggers when an incorrect username is entered in the Login page. The lockout only lasts for 5 minutes, after which you are free to try logging in again. If you don’t remember your username, please try using your most commonly-used email address instead.

Q: I don’t remember my password!
A: If you have forgotten your password, you can easily reset it by clicking the “Lost Your Password?” link on the Login page. On the Password Reset page, you will simply need to enter your username or email address, then click the “Get New Password” button. After that, just follow the on-screen instructions.

Q: Why won’t the site let me register for a new account?
A: If you are unable to register for an account after filling out all the required information, then you may already have an account on our website. Each email address can only be connected to one account on our site. Try the “Lost Your Password?” link on the Login page, and enter your most commonly-used email address to attempt a password reset.

Q: How can I check if I have already made an account?
A: The Communications Coordinator can check our user database to see if you already have an account. Simply send your name, email, and a short request to search for your account to info@cowcreek.com.

Q: Why haven’t I received the verification email after registering?
A: It is possible that your email service assumed that our verification email was a spam message. Please check your email’s spam folder. If you still can’t find it, please contact us at info@cowcreek.com or 541-677-5575 for support.

Q: Why was my account registration denied?
A: The Communications Coordinator checks each new account to see if the name appears on our Tribal Roll, the database of enrolled members of the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians. If the name is not found on the Tribal Roll, then the account is denied.

Can’t find an answer to your problem?
Please reach out to us at info@cowcreek.com or 541-677-5575 for support.