It’s Easy to Learn Takelma with Monthly Language Lessons

Did you know one of the most popular New Year’s resolution is to learn a new language? With the beginning of 2022 upon us, the Cow Creek Education Language Department can help you accomplish your language learning goal with monthly online Takelma language lessons.

Cow Creek’s Takelma Language Teachers, David and Elizabeth, will produce a video each month that teaches vocabulary and pronunciation of Takelma, the ancestral language of the Cow Creek Tribe.

January’s first lesson focuses on mastering greetings; “Good Morning” “Good Day/Hello” and “Good Night.” Once you learn those phrases, you’ll learn additional words and phrases that build on each lesson — how do you say, “Good Dog” in Takelma? Watch the video to learn!


All Takelma Language Lessons will be posted in the Cow Creek Tribal newsletter (mailed to all Cow Creek Tribal members monthly, or Tribal members may click here to view past newsletters), and videos will be posted on the Cow Creek Education website — click here to go to January’s lesson now.