Cow Creek Visit to OSU Ina Haws Longhouse Special for Alumni

**This article also appears in the January edition of Wik’uuyàm Heetà, the Cow Creek Tribal Newsletter. Tribal members have access to the full library of newsletters, by logging in and clicking here.**

In an effort to support native and indigenous students striving for higher education, the Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians recently contributed $5,000 to the Kaku-Ixt Mana Ina Haws at Oregon State University.

The Ina Haws, formerly known on campus as the Longhouse, serves as a cultural student center and meeting place for Tribal students to learn, hold discussions and host events.

Deputy Director of Tribal Government Alicia McAuley, Education Programs Officer Jesse Jackson, Chief Operations Officer of Umpqua Ventures Travis Hill, and Cultural Resources Manager Jennifer Bryant visited the Ina Haws for the special ceremony in November.

Cow Creek leaders were introduced to the Ina Haws student volunteers and staff. Jackson and Bryant performed a brief offering ceremony where Jackson played the flute and Bryant presented the Ina Haws student volunteers and staff members with handmade beaded necklaces, including dentalium shells and pine seeds, as well as camas seeds for future planting.

It was an exceptionally special ceremony for Jackson, as this was his first time returning to the Ina Haws since his graduation ceremony in 2013.

“I’m proud to be among the graduates recognized at OSU in 2013, which was the first year of the newly-constructed Longhouse [Ina Haws]. We held traditional ceremony before our graduation recognition and my Grandpa Chuck was able to attend. It was one of his proudest moments in my life,” said Jackson.

The Ina Haws has also been recently remodeled with culturally significant items and décor from Oregon’s nine federally recognized Tribes. The exterior of the Ina Haws has been designed with culturally-inspired concrete pathway designs as well as native flora.

Oregon State University recently announced renewed efforts to support native and indigenous students enrolled at the school, including free tuition for all Tribal students currently enrolled.