Batches of 8 free, at-home COVID tests now available from U.S. Government

A third series of free, at-home COVID-19 self tests are available to order from the U.S. Government, federal health officials announced in May.

Orders can be placed online by visiting the website

Since the beginning of 2022, households have twice been permitted to order free at-home COVID tests. Those orders each consisted of four at-home tests. For this third round of ordering, each household is allotted eight at-home COVID tests, available to order and ship for free. The tests are rapid antigen tests, with results typically available in 15 minutes.

To place an order for free COVID tests:

  • Visit the website
  • Click the blue button that says “Order Free At-Home Tests”
  • Fill in your name and address for shipping
  • Click the button that says “Check Out Now”
  • Click the button that says “Place My Order”

Order summaries show no charge for products or shipping, and the United States Postal Service will deliver the tests.

The wide availability of at-home testing appears to be playing a part in the COVID case count across the country. Many people are able to test at home if they become sick, and take proper isolation and quarantine precautions without notifying local public health authorities. Experts estimate the true number of COVID-19 infections in America are higher than those reported.

*Cow Creek Tribal Members may also place an order for free COVID tests and additional personal protective gear with Cow Creek Public Health. To place an order, visit this page.*



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