VIDEO: Successful Prescribed Burn on Cow Creek Forest Lands

Cow Creek Forestry recently completed a prescribed burn on Tribal lands near Tiller.

The burn last month was on lands located near Red Top Pond.

Douglas Forest Protective Agency granted the burn permit just before the Memorial Day holiday weekend. Weather conditions at the time were favorable to safely conduct a burn.

Teams from Cow Creek’s Forestry and Emergency Management departments, as well as Umpqua Indian Utility Co-Operative worked for several days to monitor and control the burn as it moved though slash and brush.

Forestry has been working to reintroduce fire onto Cow Creek lands in recent years, as a method of prevention from catastrophic wildfire as well as a cultural land management tool. Traditionally, Cow Creek people used burning in the fall as they moved to winter villages in lower valleys. As people moved down the mountains, areas would be set ablaze to keep it clear and to promote new growth the following year. This allowed young plant life to grow for strong basketry materials as well as enticing foods for deer and elk.