Secretary of Veterans Affairs Visits Seven Feathers Casino Resort

The U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs met with Cow Creek Umpqua leaders as well as other Tribal and healthcare leaders Wednesday at Seven Feathers Casino Resort.

Denis McDonough was at Seven Feathers to attend meetings for the Advisory Committee on Tribal and Indian Affairs (ACTIA). The ACTIA’s role is to advise the Secretary on the status of Tribal veterans, as well as the benefits they receive through both Indian Health Services and the Veterans Administration (VA).

Indian Health Services Director Roselyn Tso, as well as Deputy Director of the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board (NPAIHB) Susie Steward were also in attendance. Steward is also a member of the Cow Creek Tribal Board of Directors.

Cow Creek Tribal Chairman Carla Keene and CEO Michael Rondeau helped welcome Secretary McDonough. They presented him with a traditional beaded necklace.